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FounderINC is a nonprofit for entrepreneurs providing grants, scholarships, investments, technology and mentorship from Multi Million and Billion-dollar Founders, inventors and business strategists.

The key to UNLOCKING YOUR destiny, is believing.

“Be decisive in your action, precise in your speech, and relentless in your effort to improve”.


-Chase Harmer, CEO



Creating New Models

 To Help Grow Your Business

Markets We Serve

Our expertise in Online transactions, E-commerce, Travel & Entertainment, Affiliate Programs, and Media Buying provided FounderINC deep insight on the best approaches to set your business up for success.


FounderINC is committed to providing help and guidance that innovative businesses require. Founderllc will either look to partner, invest, grant or help provide process and mentorship to push product and MVP to market and scale.


Entrepreneurs might feel they live on a remote island, answers and resources are nowhere in sight. We can connect you with some of the best minds that share your same challenges and goals can help you find success.


FounderINC has an ecosystem of resources and solutions to help you grow to process on a global scale. Understanding how important it is to find operational efficiency is we make more money on every transaction than anyone else.

We Are Experts In Our Markets

FounderINC provides you with insights and advantages to fuel your marketing, sales, and technology. We have partnered with some of the best businesses out there to deliver a better solution to you.


Connect to the largest partners in the banking and card issuing industry, get the lowest reserves and fees and fastest transactions on a global scale while being protected from fraud. Scale faster and safer.

Travel & Entertainment

Use best-in-class technologies to pay vendors all around the globe. We tie consumers to every transaction to reduce chargeback and operational costs. You can now operate globally with just one platform.


Improve the overall experience of your Affiliate Programs by paying faster with lower operational costs. Our user-friendly dashboard will help you boost your productivity. Our model means you make cashback on every transaction.

Media Buying

Manage all your campaigns and Media Spend, issue unlimited and custom Virtual Cards, and never get banned accounts or blocked campaigns again while making up to UNLIMITED Cashback on all transactions.



FounderINC is committed to being the incubator that innovative businesses require. Either by funding, investing, or becoming a partner, we can provide the momentum to help businesses scale faster and safer.


Fundraising can hinder turning your ideas into a successful company. Talk to us about your innovative solution, business model, and revenue model with us, and we’ll assist you in getting funded.


FounderINC invests in companies that are disruptive and have a strong social impact. We believe that together we can make innovation a reality. Qualify now for investment in your company.


The right partnership means strength, the right solutions deliver success. Partnership with FounderINC can bring strength and success to your start-up – connect now with our ecosystem of trusted companies.


Need help? It is easy to feel alone on an island, you don’t have to. You can rely on the expertise of successful entrepreneurs that share the same pains as you and can give you the answers you need.  FounderINC is the place where great minds connect to help you grow and scale faster.

“Nothing can resist a human will that will that will stake even its existence on its stated purpose.” – Benjamin Disraeli



FounderINC partners with best-in-class companies to deliver technologies to build and scale successful businesses across multiple markets and geographies. We have what you need to scale faster and make residual money from every transaction while protecting you from fraud every step of the way.

Virtual Credit Cards

Virtual Credit Cards allow you to scale your payment volume delivering ultra-fast transactions with robust fraud protection – increase your margins when you pay any vendor, worldwide, by earning up to 2% cashback on every transaction.

Payment Processing

The best solution available providing easy acquisition and issuing payments on a global scale. No more frozen funds or high reserves allowing your business to scale faster and safer.

Fraud Prevention

Every transaction is protected – whether you are processing cash or credit card. The best solutions keep fraud away from beginning to end. KOUNT, PAAY, and CB911 technologies all partner with us to deliver a true best-in-class solution.

Payment Solutions

The best solution available providing easy acquisition and issuing payments on a global scale. No more frozen funds or high reserves allowing your business to scale faster and safer.

We’ve been there. We know that building a business is hard and the journey is not for the faint of heart. You have to make a lot of decisions with limited insight or experience and FounderINC would like to help you in your time of need.

We provide a host of services, solutions, and guidance that can help you avoid mistakes and build the right product or service from the start, with quick and easy access to best in breed solutions for your business and shareholders.

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